I would like to introduce myself and offer some information on Falling Run Flowers & Design in Yellow Spring, West Virginia.

My name is Jason and I own and operate a small Flower Farm and Floral Design company on the border of Virginia & West Virginia. We provide fresh cut blooms for the local community and our Design business serving the Potomac Highlands area. We have been providing “Naturally Grown” blooms to the area since 2020.

“Naturally Grown” refers to the methods we use to maintain the farm and the product that we produce. Simply explained, it means that we work in a manner that utilizes composted plant material and uncontaminated aged manures from neighboring farms to feed our soil which maintains a healthy variety and balance of microorganisms. These microorganisms are the key to growing healthy disease resistant plants which produce healthy long-lasting blooms that are safe to bring into your home and be enjoyed by you and your friends and family.

We use a “No Dig” method and Companion Planting to encourage beneficial insects to protect our plants and blooms from pests that would like to enjoy our offerings as well. This does mean that occasionally we have minor blemishes and plan for a small portion of what we produce to be sacrificed as a part of this process.

We also can’t forget to mention the dogs who keep the deer and small animal pressures at bay and the cats who make sure that the rodents don’t destroy our work. We DO NOT use commercial pesticides or herbicides and limit the use of plastics and synthetic materials which could remain in the environment as contaminants or pollutants.

Although we are a small farm that produces much of what we use, we can’t produce everything that is needed. To fill the gaps, we have established relationships with other producers in our community and across the country to make every effort to provide a Quality product that is sustainably sourced and support other small farms and their communities. That being said, sometimes it is unavoidable to have to import products to fill the needs of our clients. In this circumstance we rely on our established relationships with Trusted business and individuals who help us ensure that we maintain our commitment to our standards and to our clients.

We work with some AMAZING local partners who provide services and goods to our clients and are Always happy to share trustworthy contacts to help meet additional needs that you may have. Please visit our Trusted Partners & Vendors page for more information.